Greyhounds in Motion has partnered with FreeWill to help bring you peace of mind and ensure your furry friend always has a plan for care in a loving home. Click below to get started in making or updating your will in just 20 minutes for free.

Your will does not control the distribution of certain assets (called non-probate assets). FreeWill can help with this too! Ensure your assets go to the people and organizations you care about most.

Send an Honor Card

Make a donation to Greyhounds in Motion by sending an Honor Card to recognize a person, celebrate an occasion, or to express sympathy. You can customize your card, choose how/when it’s received, and even send it to multiple recipients.

Custom Pet ID Tags

Special thanks to Dog Tag Art for providing custom tags for GiM hounds! Use the link below and get your own customized tags for your special furry friends.

Donate Unused Gift Cards and Help Hounds Home